June 6, 2015

My brother John Mitchell and his son James Mitchell came up from Ogden Utah to help us get started on the cabin. My brother John is the one pulling the rope to direct the roof as it is lifted up over the cabin and swung clear of it and set on the ground. Marty Salusso is running the boom truck and James is taking the video. It was less work and not as dangerous to use the boom truck instead of ladders and crow bars 15 plus feet in the air. It was a hugh success!!! The pictures show the new logs on the north and south for the top sills and the new ridge pole.  Now we are ready for the rafter poles.

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April 16,2015

It’s hard to believe, but the campaign is half over! Where did the time go? I think it has snuck up on everyone. Seems like everyone has a million things going on right now, it’s that time of year. And a lot of people have had unexpected circumstances, set backs and/or complications. I just want to let everyone know that the campaign is in it’s final weeks and we have a long way to go. We would deeply appreciate anything you can do!! Thank you for your time and consideration!!


This is Sherida Holland. We’re starting our second campaign for Mountain Cabin Studio on Indiegogo. We want to thank everyone who contributed and promoted our first campaign last year! We were able to reach our goal and get the work so desperately needed done on the cabin in Melrose Montana. It’s a giant step in the right direction and we no longer fear the cabin will fall in or have to be torn down. The cabin has a new foundation and the north wall is no longer structurally unsound. Marty Salusso and Mark Salusso with Centennial Concrete in Butte Montana did all the work.

The video for last year’s campaign gives a short history of the cabin and early Montana. The area was settled in the mid 1800s as mining towns sprung up in the area and Melrose was the railroad town. Video from last campaign.

This website came to be as a result of our efforts in June of 2013 to save and restore our 133 year old family log cabin in Melrose, Montana. Our hope was to preserve this piece of early Montana mining and railroad history, that went back four generations, and to use it as a retreat and studio for generations to come. As artists and nature lovers, we would be able to explore, experience and record the rugged wilderness and pristine beauty of the great outdoors.

The “perks” offered in exchange for your contributions, (the “see gallery” for all the art prints and art books is at the bottom of this page,) include fine art prints of these watercolors painted around Butte and Melrose. Click “RECENT POSTS” page above for updates and additional product information. Choose one of these three Montana wildflower prints, $50 unframed  8 1/2″x11″, $175 framed 11″x14″ (see gallery).

         #1. “Blazing Star”     #2. “Alpine Bluebell”     #3. “Indian Paintbrush with Mariposa Lily”


Choose a fine art print from this watercolor “Mountain Cabin”, $75 unframed 14″x20″,

$250 framed 22″x28″ (see gallery).

mountain cabin

This painting, “Mountain Cabin”, was also used for a hand-made art book, 4 spreads, titled “I Love To Wander Down Mountain Roads”. The link below will open the interactive pdf for you to read, turning the pages by clicking and dragging the corners. You have to open in full screen mode, press escape to exit.
I Love To Wander Down Mountain Roads
cover cabin

                                                                                                New with our second campaign, a fine

Choose a fine art print from this watercolor                   art print from this oil painting “Max’s

“Stargazer Lilies” $75 unframed 14″x20″,                    Equanimity” $100 unframed 12″ x “16,       New book “Inside Outside” $150

$250 framed 22″x28″ (see gallery)                                   $350 framed 18″ x 32″ (see gallery).              5 spreads (see gallery)star lillyMax's Equanimity

inside outside cover copy