The Cabin

vacation july 2011 112vacation july 2011 111WP_20130607_003_edited

1. Hoses rigged to the well by a camper allowed on the property. 2. Fireplace pulling away from the cabin because of settlement below. 3. Moisture from the hoses rigged to the well eroded the foundation, rotted the bottom plate, ends of the floor joists, and the first course of logs.

east elevation dd018 copynorth elevation dd015 copywest elevation dd016 copy

Since we have a lot of room on the north side, we utilized the north wall, or lack of it, to design the addition.

roof sag melrosevacation july 2011 147vacation july 2011 157P1010363vacation july 2011 164

The roof, sagging and spreading because of major structural failures, needs to be re-built per the original design, using hand-peeled poles for the ridge pole and rafters, covered with new sheeting boards and re-roofed with roof felt and shingles.


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