Healing and the Arts

Examples of Arts in Healthcare Programs
The visual, literary, and performing arts are flourishing in hospitals, outpatient programs, hospices, nursing and retirement facilities, as well as other healthcare institutions throughout the world. Although only a sampling of hundreds of programs around the United States, the programs described below are intended to give an indication of the impact and breadth of AIH inclusion in modern American medicine…
Arts & Aging Lifelong learning in the arts educates and engages older adults as teachers, learners and as creators, thereby contributing to individual, community and public life. The National Endowment for the Arts seeks to involve older Americans in on-going, excellent, participatory arts experiences. This includes increasing the sensitivity of professionals and practitioners, both in the fields of aging and the arts, to the need and value of quality arts experiences for, by and with older persons – See more at: http://arts.gov/accessibility/leadership-initiatives/arts-aging#sthash.hIXnz1hl.dpuf
The Creative Center: Arts for People with Cancer New York, NY(4) The Creative Center offers free workshops in the visual, performing and literary arts to develop a community of support in which women, men, and children with cancer improve the quality of their lives through creativity as they meet the challenges of illness, treatment, and survivorship. The center, founded in 1995, also works within thirteen area hospitals in New York City, and has developed a training institute to teach artists from around the country to work with cancer patients in hospitals. The Center exhibits artworks created by cancer survivors, and works to make the public aware of the depth and diversity of the artistic expression of those who are often viewed as representative of their disease rather than unique individuals.
DrawBridge: An Arts Program for Homeless Children San Francisco, CA(5) Within the Bay area, trained staff, volunteers and formerly homeless teens travel to homeless shelters in the Bay area with high quality art supplies to create an affirming environment that will enable the children’s stories to unfold through the images they create. The mission of the organization is to give homeless children an environment that fosters their childhood joy, creativity, and exuberance. – See more at: http://arts.gov/accessibility/leadership-initiatives/arts-healthcare/arts-endowment-issues-report-calling-greater-4#sthash.Ff2jg2oR.dpuf


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